A Note from the RenArts Parent Committee:

Thank you for considering making a donation to support Renaissance Arts Academt, a small, independent, arts-centered charter school that offers children such a creative and intellectually-inspiring program. (See Mission Statement and Program.)

Why Donate Money to a Public School?

All schools, whether private or public, need the financial support of parents and the larger community in order to provide the best instruction, facilities, technology and materials, as well as specialized programs, such as art, music, and drama. (At RenArts such programs are part of the core curriculum for all students!)

As a charter school, RenArts receives per pupil funding through the California Department of Education at the same rate as other public schools. However, charter schools are not provided with facilities. Rent, utilities, insurance and building maintenance absorb about 20 % of the RenArts general operating fund. This amounts to an annual shortfall of $1500 per student.

Who Can Donate?

Anyone! Parents, grandparents and relatives, corporations and foundations, or individual donors, whether they be members of the local community, artists or performers -- any person interested in fostering and furthering the goals of the school.

The Parents of RenArts annually pledge their support based on their individual family's ability. The administration and parents of RenArts actively pursue government, corporate and private foundation grants to help defray costs and fund specific projects. Outside individuals who believe in the mission of RenArts make a commitment to support the school over a five-year period enabling the school to not only meet its current objectives but also to plan and build for the future.

Donations Are Fully Tax-Deductible!!

RenArts is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. You will be provided with a receipt for tax purposes for all donations.

How Do I Make a Donation?

Contributions can be made in a single lump sum, as a quarterly payment, or on a monthly basis. Payments can be made by cash or check and sent directly to the school OR online here through the RenArts PayPal account.

PayPal enables you to make a secure online payment by credit card. It is fast and easy! (see instructions below)

Does Your Employer Provide Matching Grants?

Many corporations provide matching grants for the donations their employees make. This can double your contribution!! Please contact the RenArts office to see if you would qualify.