Dress Code


All pants must fit snugly enough at the waist to accommodate movement and must be worn at the waist at all times.
NO street pants/shorts/skirts of any kind are permissible at any time.
NO belts with buckles or hardware of any kind may be worn.


All shirts must extend to mid-hip length and fit loosely enough to provide complete coverage even with full range of upper-body motion.
NO spaghetti straps or low-cut necklines.


All jackets and outerwear must be kept in cubbies unless needed for warmth.
NO hooded jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts may be worn during any academic, arts, or study group.

Hats, etc.

Caps must be pulled high enough that eyes are fully visible.
NO other headgear or accessories of any kind are permissible at any time.
NO hats with brims may be worn inside the school building.

Print Messages

RenArts does not tolerate the wearing of T-shirts or other items of clothing that display slogans or images that might be interpreted as: